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My eyes ABSOLUTELY hurt! Maybe it's from either

1. my messed up sleeping patterns
2. staring at the computer for a long time
3. wearing my glasses too much

I know, number 3 is a bit weird. But when I wear them with tired eyes, I start to get a pain at the back of my head. Does anyone get that? Or is it just me?

My test yesterday didn't go too well and I know why. There is a golden rule which I always continuously break everytime! Never, ever say that you're going to revise the next day. Thanks to me, I may have got an F1, 2 etc. Ugh....O well, just like what Billy the Kid said just before he died, "Such is life." To be honest, yesterday I just didn't really care. I guess that's the side effects of leaving your revision late, cramming it in then saying the 3 infamous words, "I give up." I guess I just need to do better in the upcoming exams.

Apart from that gloomy, depressing fact, I felt happy yesterday. After meeting up with my friend, Catriona, who was surprisingly drunk, I saw a blind woman walking past by going towards the QMU. Well, I thought she was going towards the QMU until she kept on bumping into walls and going around in circles. (Not literally going around in circles just to let you know.) Overall, I felt bad for her so I decided to help her out. We had a nice 2 minute conversation before I left her off at the entrance. At this point I kind of felt bad letting her go into the building on her own. I wanted to guide her to the place where she wanted to go but she said she was fine. The experience left me with a nice warm feeling in my heart and, in a way, it made me even more determined.

Currently, I am in the process of filling out my application form to take part in the Women's 10K run. I took part in it last year with my friend, Steph, raising funds for the Beatsons Cancer Trust. As far as I know I think she is doing it again, though I need to ask her. This year I will be running for the Royal Blind School; raising funds in order for them to buy posture chairs and other specialised equipment for children who have some form of disability with their muscles. But I won't be doing it alone. Ada has decided to run with me this year! YAY! So after yesterday's event I felt even more determine to, count all the pennies, sweat bucket loads at the gym, have greasy hair! etc etc

I guess, from what happened yesterday, when everything seems down and depressing, there's always a lighter side of the day!

I kind of got freaked out just there. Ada just told me to pass over the 'knobs'. Didn't know what she was talking about until she pointed to the Hobnobs sitting on the table....

I think beofre I leave, I should a perfect quote of today thanks to my dear friend, Laura-Jane

"I'm not a alcoholic! I just can't live without it...."

I should get to bed.


April 2010

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