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Once again I have slept in and missed most of my lectures today. Damn. Stupid sleep. Why must you be sooooo seductive? Why must you be more seductive than women?! Well, all is not lost. I did attend to my poster session lab, and would like to thank my dear lab partner for waking me up via text message. THANK YOU GEORGE! I HOPE YOU ARE STUDYING MY DEGREE NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

Anyway, today was the day we have to present our posters of our chosen molecule to the lab. I have to say that our poster was...shit. We prepared it at the last moment. We repeated the same information numerous of times. Not to mention, we forgot to prepare ourselves for the question and answer session. One word. One word that was running through our minds today - shit. However, remember the old saying "Every cloud has a silver lining?" Well, I'm starting to believe in that as the days goes by.

Everyone in the lab thought that we were the unlucky ones as we got a professor asking questions about our poster, but it turned out just fine. From what started out as "tell me about the molecule herceptin" suddenly turned into an informal conversation about, well, general stuff of everyday life. Of course, general scientific stuff about everyday life. I would have to say that George and I were really having fun talking with the professor. Well, I hope she did. I can recall him telling us about how other scientist tried to crush his scientific research and how he responded informally, "So what? It's in the journal already so HA!" 

NOTE: He did not actually say this, but he said it in his way. If you get what I mean.

In response, I started to talk to him about Ada - from her article which she got publised while she was in her undergrad to her phD confirmation. Yes, everybody. My dear, lovely, sweet, beautiful, smart, and yet sexy girlfriend, has got her phD confirmation from Stirling University. (Ada, I'm so proud of you.)  Anyway, back to today's event. After talking about stuff about Ada, George made a very good declaration about everyday life which is true.

"There are people who are really smart and really really beautiful at the same time. IT'S NOT FAIR!"

Professor's response

"Yes, that's how everyday life is."

My response

"Does it not demonstrate an example of evolution? You know, the strongest survives?"

George's response

"Yes, it does."

My response

"Hence why I decided to go out with one."

I think I hit a nerve point there as George started to "cry" which I obviously went over to hug her, but I think we scared the professor by doing that action. I hope he doesn't deduct marks off us for doing that.......

In other weird news, I received an email from one of the lecturers stating that I "apparently" missed my lab test. One word in my head. LOL. Obviously, I did message them about this and the whole confusion was cleared up.

I think I should start to revise now......


April 2010

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