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Oops! Kind of forgot that I had a livejournal. Bad Sarah!

Anyway, it's that time of year again. Exam time! Only with a twist this time. It's also election time! Well, at least here in the UK. This is my first time voting in a election so I'm kind of a bit confused as to what to do. Obviously, I took a look at the aboutmyvote website to see the general FAQs from being able to vote, to getting registered to vote. I was a bit confused about the whole registering section as I didn't know that I need to register again, but this time for the Scottish parliament. To be honest I only want to register due to the fact I received a letter from the Glasgow City Council, stating how it would be "difficult" for me to open a bank account if I didn't register. Which did make me quiver in fear as I can imagine my dear mother standing right beside me, making my ears go deaf. (Yes, I may be 20 years old but I am still afraid of my mother. This is the reason why we have so many fights.) However, I started to get into the voting spirit. Looking at each party's manifesto. Reading up on the biography of each party leader etc. I have made my decision that I am going to vote for the Liberal Democrats, and it seems like I am not the only one that is going for them. So far, I seem to have the impression that most of the student population (that I know) are going to vote for the Lib Dems. I have to say, I am quite surprised. I wonder who else will be going with me to vote at the polling stations?

In other news, I have officially entered the Women's 10K run which is taking place on the 9th May. I'm running for the Appeal project being set up by the Royal Blind School, but I shall be raising money in style. I shall be running dressed up as a Gingerbread man. (Yes, you heard. A Gingerbread man.) So I'll be putting up links on the next upcoming journals about annoying you guys for donations. Not to mention that I am currently planning to dress up in my Gingerbread man costume, walking around University Avenue so I can annoy you guys even more about donating money.

In other areas about my life:
  • I was recently made as vice captain of my martial arts group - Shorinji Kempo - and I have a few ideas I would like to try out to see if we can get more members on Fresher's Week. 
  • I celebrated my first anniversary with Ada
  • I found out my electricity bill is £230
  • I accidently laughed at someone being called Dallas as I started thinking of that film. If you get what I mean.

To end this, I am going to say that I am going to look like a prat in the name of charity so please sponsor me when I have the link to the justgiving website set up.  :D O YEA!


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