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The First

After much debating with myself, I decided to start doing this thing again. On the other hand I might delete this towards the end of the week - maybe. The catalyst (or should I say the person) that made me choose this decision is my lovely, yet annoying girlfriend, Ada. She didn't really force me, but rather put the idea in my head - which has been somehow annoying me for a while. Like one of those itches you just HAVE to scratch. One thought came to my head saying "It might help you think straight." Another said "It might help with your grammar." (Yes, I do have to say sorry about the state of my grammar. So be warn. Bad grammar ahead.) Anyway let's get on with this.

Currently I should be revising for my Infection and Immunity class test, which is at minus T- 8 hours and 30 minutes, but thanks to all the bloody latin names that (somehow) it won't stay in my organ called the brain. Damn it, I should have started revising this earlier this week - NOT TWO DAYS BEFORE! (But I always seem to end up doing it anyway.) As result I will most likely miss my lectures in order to fit in some sleep before the revision. I did do an all nighter once and the outcome wasn't good. At my Environmental Science class test (in my opinion the most boring subject I've ever taken) I fell asleep throughout. Though at that time, I was going through a really rough relationship with my ex-girlfriend whose twisted lies, crocadile tears etc forced me to set down my education and focus all of my attention on her. (Ah, memory lane. Emits the good, the bad and the ugly.) Anyway, the class test is 30% towards the final grade. As soon as I saw that I was like "WHAT?! HOW?!" and I remembered the course coordinator saying there is no lab for the course. Fair enough, I mean what can we do as lab work for this course? Infect a rat? Probably animal rights protesters will be on our arses....

Other than the test tomorrow, I just remembered that I have the senior residents form to hand into the University's Accomodation Office. Yes, I am returning to uni halls. Thanks to the experience of flatmates, letting agencys, landlords, Virgin Media, Scottish Power etc I decided I have enough. I've applied with Kelvinhaugh Street as my first choice and Murano Street as my last. I hope they don't send me off to Murano next year as I have really bad experiences from that place. It sounds like I am a very picky person when it comes to living. But when it comes to the fact that a student was stabbed when he was walking back to Murano at the middle of the night, or the fact a rape took place along the Maryhill Road where Murano Street is situated - NO THANKS! I RATHER LIVE IN A BOX! Anyway, yes I decided to apply for a position as a senior resident. But as I said before, no way in hell I shall be making a return to Murano Street.

Since my frantic typing has woke Ada, I guess I should take that as a sign to get back to my revision for the test.


April 2010

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