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Papa Cheung

Dear father,

I am writing to you to state the reason why I became such a "crude" and "rude person" to this very day. After our weird phone conversation we had earlier this afternoon, telling me I should not swear etc, I decided that this is the final straw.

From my very earliest memory I can remember, while we where still living in the comfortable and quite easy going streets of Brownstown, you always march around the house swearing every word that you can think of underneath the sun. However, this does not stop there. My dear, lovely friends always wondered why do I say such crude things and yes, it all points to you. I clearly remember the time, when I fighting with dear mother, that you phoned me, told me to respect her and started telling me (in great detail shall I say) the day she gave birth to me - or shall I quote "The day she suffered and gained 32 fucking stitches in her vagina thanks to your bloody fucking massive head." Which leads me onto today's phonecall, where you basically told me to send your love over the Ada, but "not meaning I wanna have sex with her".

Towards the end of each and every phonecall I have with you, you always said to me not to be crude and rude, but I cannot help it. You see, ever since the day I started to talk and walk I started to copy what you do and say. In other words, I'm way beyond help from the damages that you have thrusted upon me. Did you not have any clue that when children are 3 years old, they are like sponges?

Please don't deny the blame father. You know what you have done, and it's time for you to take some responsibility for it.

Your loving daugther


Please don't tell me don't be crude and rude as it is quite contradicting to everything you say after that sentence.



I love your crudeness! *huuug*
hello! nice to finally meet you if this counts as a first meeting?? hope ya doin ok =)

April 2010

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